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Smart and Sustainable Digital Innovation Awards Winner at Leeds Sustainability Institute’s International SEEDS (Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society) Conference 2020 in collaboration with Halton Housing

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Northumbria Water

As NWL look to the future and how digitisation will bring benefits to their asset management processes, Sitedesk will be deployed across managed estates. 

The strategy will include the interfacing of the existing asset database maintained through Maximo and the capture of the estate using Matterport and photogrammetry imports. 

Sitedesk will allow Maximo to show the asset within the platform and allow additional capture of assets that are outside of the current Maximo database.

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Smart Enterprise Asset Management: SEAM

Our involvement as a partner in the SEAM Ecosystem led by SRO Innovation and comprising of multiple companies involved with the Cohesive AP structure is seeing much more dedicated interaction with multiple NHS estates.

The Ecosystem provision of providing a solution that can be tailored through multiple platform provider interfaces rather than a whole single solution system provides trusts with a more flexible approach to their asset management strategies.

Click here to see more information on the SEAM offering.

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Mobility Works Partnership

Mobility Work introduces Sitedesk as a Technology and Business Partner on their CMMS Platform allowing 3D model interaction.

Mobility Work is a mobile and next-gen CMMS software that provides a range of integrated solutions focused on Maintenance and Industrial Supply tasks with a strong focus on community based interactions to create a social network.

For more information on the Mobility Work solution and our partnership, please click the below link.

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