BIM deadline approaching. Listen up, 2016 is CrunchTime

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3rd January 2016
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BIM deadline approaching. Listen up, 2016 is CrunchTime

BIM deadline approaching: Listen up – 2016 is CrunchTime

We all saw it coming – yet the April 2016 BIM deadline may hit some companies with a crash, as they recognise that they are not quite as ready as they should be for BIM. What can they do? Our Chairman Michael McCullen gives his BIM advice in this audio interview with Jack White of BIM Crunch. The interview looks at many things including BIM barriers, the April Level 2 BIM target and what Government Soft Landings mean to building firms.

Are we ready for the BIM deadline?

Michael believes that the construction industry as a whole isn’t BIM-ready or even just prepared for the Government’s April deadline for Level 2 BIM. He does however point out that “great strides have been made” and that “many have learned lots of things about BIM” over the past few years.

On what contractors can do to get ready for April, he advises that it is time to take action and get BIM-ready or genuinely risk missing out on government contracts.” It is advice that all building firms should listen to if they are running behind. Michael cautions about the dangers of depending on BIM consultants, especially just to get a ‘tick in the box’. Whilst he believes firmly that consultants play a role, he points out the need to embed proper processes to make BIM work, and observes that “ultimately it is going to be the management of the firms and the workforce that have to understand BIM.”

Whilst the Government has been doing the right things to give the construction a smooth ride with BIM, he notes that there are still many die-hards that don’t yet see the benefits. Inertia is the main problem, he believes, and that some construction firms simply fear the unknown. His suggestion is for firms to recognise their strengths and to look at “the key to their past success and their current success and weave that into any BIM adoption.” This way companies build on their success with the least disruption.

To hear more of Michael’s wisdom, click here to here to listen to the interview.

If you are one of the businesses realising that you have a LOT to do to catch up this year, then you may also be interested to download this free item, a Contractor’s Critical Path to Winning BIM Business – a useful and clear overview of the key business steps you need to take, along with a bonus slide that you can use to advance the conversation internally.

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