Transform FM Health and Safety Effectiveness with Digital

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12th January 2016
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12th February 2016

Transform FM Health and Safety Effectiveness with Digital

In this new article for Building & Facilities Management magazine, our Chairman Michael McCullen looks at how and why it is incumbent on employers to have robust health and safety policies backed up by a digital audit trail. Construction and FM firms have significant challenges in assuring the safety of not only their employees but also the public. The consequences of getting this wrong are potentially disastrous.

He posits that digital tools are much better for storing and locating information than traditional paper, since they quickly link health and safety information to a 3D model. This enables the much easier location of dangerous materials and equipment and new risks can be easily added and recorded with media such as photos or videos.

On why he believes digital tools are vital he says: “It is easy to see why digital tools are becoming more popular, since they make the role of health and safety more visible and instantly accessible on site or in the field, allowing a contemporaneous record to be kept along with the vital audit trail.”

He concludes by saying: “Smart companies ensure they have not only H&S policies but systems to ensure they can be quickly and easily accessed, becoming a more natural and integral part of operations.”

You can read the full article Transform health & safety effectiveness with digital to learn why health and safety policies not only protect people, but also reputation – both of which can be all to easily damaged.

Read the full article Transform health and safety effectiveness with digital, or find the latest digital BFM magazine here.

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