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Mar 07

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Construction Computing and CAD User have published a a new BIM software review featuring Sitedesk. Editor David Chadwick evaluates Sitedesk’s ability to create federated models for design, construction and operation. On hearing the potential of Sitedesk to increase contractor profit margins by up to 50%, he was keen to learn about its power for himself.

BIM software review highlights

On Sitedesk’s ability to improve working processes by tagging information whilst navigating the 3D model, he notes: “the simplicity with which this can be achieved is replicated in the quick and easy way with which digital documents can be added to elements, systems and spaces and can be used to create digital workflows.”

David was impressed with the ease of use of Sitedesk. He also notes the ability to quickly view documents and activity and how simple it is to change model views. The powerful search facility was another highlight. It allows for searches for all kinds of area such as labels, types, dates, people and order.

Finally David underlines Sitedesk’s support in developing projects. He notes: “If there are special requirements in a project, the Sitedesk team will spend a day scoping the project to come up with solutions to problems that need addressing.”

Read the full BIM software review online and gain valuable insight into how Sitedesk works.

You can also find the review on CADuser here.

About Sitedesk BIM Software

Sitedesk is a collaborative BIM software solution that was designed to help manage 3D designs, documents and data. It helps contractors to deliver BIM and digital construction projects, boost efficiency, reduce costs and risks, and eliminate surprises. It helps them to see, interact with and manage 3D models, as well as engage with wider teams, manage change and conflict more easily and effortlessly hand over COBie digital asset information upon completion.