Sitedesk modernises data management for future North West coastal defences

GMC - Investor in Sitedesk
Greater Manchester invests in Sitedesk
21st March 2018
Flood Defence BIM project
Completion of Rossall Coastal Defence BIM project
18th July 2018

Sitedesk modernises data management for future North West coastal defences

BIMplus sitedesk Wyre coastal defence

The latest update to the multi-year digital construction of new coastal defences along the North West features in BIM+, the BIM and digital construction magazine of the Chartered Institute of Building recently.

Sitedesk has been in use on this project since its inception, which predated the formal introduction of the BIM mandate.

The project is a collaboration between Wyre Council, Blackpool Council, Fylde Council and the Environment Agency to deliver a 6km coastal defence scheme that will protect several communities, more than 12,000 properties, and historic and natural environments, including several sites of special scientific interest. THere is a risk of flooding for hundreds of thousands of properties until its completion, which is due this year, as well as a massive £100m combined liability for the three councils.

The choice of Sitedesk was not only made to assure the efficiency and collaborative practices on which this major project depends. It was a decisive move, designed to make information easier to manage, issues easier to locate, and operation of the flood defences easier, in the long-term future of this major piece of infrastructure.

“I was determined that the next generation of people who would be renewing the defences in 50 years’ time wouldn’t face the same challenges as my team.”
Carl Green, head of engineering services at Wyre Council.

You can read the full article on Modernising Data Management on the magazine site.

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