Structure your cost plan to meet a budget that suits you.

For small scale project deployment with low number of users. Easily scale up and introduce features to meet your level of digital skill!

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Benefits & features

  • Decide how much data you need and for how long to ensure costs remain in side your budget.
  • Invite key individuals to your project and set their project involvement.
  • Set user accessible templates based on how your invited users interact with the space paying for only the access you give!
  • Set up the space and data and send on to other users or clients with pre paid time and data.

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Multiple 3D model options

Bring in your 3D or 2D details from Data Rich Models from Building Modelling platforms like Revit to simple capture techniques using mobile phones.

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Online Document Management

Upload images, documents and links to then associate to your 3D space.

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Capture & Pin

Pin your 3D space and add data needed to manage your real world efficiently.

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3D Model interaction

Interrogate your 3D model with simple tools such as measurements, Views, Tours & Sectioning

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3rd Party Integrations

Start developing your space into the territory of Digital Twins with integrations such as IoT, CAFM, BMS and more.

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Create tasks to help you keep on top of important dates and data capture.

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Manage your home

  • Capture your home using your phone to gain a 3D model.
  • Pin important home equipment such as Boilers, Cookers, Routers.
  • Added information to those pins such as warranty period or maintenance contacts.
  • Upload documents such as User Guides, receipts or certificates.
  • Set up routine tasks to remind you to arrange the next boiler safety check.

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Office management

  • Capture your space using your Phone or bring in 2D plans to represent floor plans.
  • Identify locations of annual requirements such as fire extinguishers.

  • Add information relevant to those items such as annual check certificates.

  • Add user guides for key equipment such as printers, Air Conditioning Units or create links to online management systems for scheduling.

  • Set up a task for future check reminders.

  • Invite staff to the space to gain access to the key items of relevance to them.

  • Upload receipts and invoices for newly bought items such as upgraded RAM for a computer.

  • Use the space for induction purposes for new staff.

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Holiday or rental properties

  • Scan your premises with a 360 camera and host through Matterport.
  • Provide your website or holiday/rental site access to the 3D model for prospective clients to wander around in.
  • Bring the 3D model into Sitedesk and provide a Website link or QR code for renters to access the space.
  • Give these individuals access to the space to acquire important information on how to use key equipment.
  • Use the space to keep on track of potential issues and general maintenance.

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