Helping Wyre hold back tides of cost – and seawater

Wyre Council, Blackpool Council, Fylde Council and the Environment Agency are collaborating on a major 6km coastal defence scheme in North West England. It will protect several communities, more than 12,000 properties, and historic and natural environments that include several sites of special scientific interest. It forms an excellent example of local authority BIM and demonstrates how BIM data management can be used to help address civil engineering challenges on a large project.
Carl Green, Head of Engineering Services for Wyre Council, leads the project and chose Sitedesk to help overcome a number of issues. Firstly, to help ensure no current and future documentation would be lost – because some significant legacy plans were found to be missing. Secondly, to explore their BIM requirements, data capture needs and set goals around lifetime maintenance and cost efficiency.
Sitedesk helped them to set up forms and templates to ensure the right information was captured in the right combination. Lastly, we helped them to assure 3D model visibility, collaboration and information accessibility for site operatives that were widely dispersed on beaches along the coastline – a long way from dependable connectivity and often armed with only standard-issue tablets or laptops.

Read the full BIM project case study about how Sitedesk is
helping make this project a success:

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