Contractors & Engineers

Construction and engineering contractors can manage variations, report accurately and maintain audit trails more easily, and effortlessly create digital O&M documentation for handover at a fraction of the normal cost.

When your job is to guide and work with contractors, clients and specialist firms to help them implement BIM projects or drive complex construction projects to successful conclusion you need to have your eye on the ball. Maintaining a complete and up-to-date awareness of projects can be a real challenge, thanks to the different and often disparate systems used by different firms and to the time-lag that often occurs with project progress updates from site.

Sitedesk enables you to create a unified environment for all the project information from all the contractors and stakeholders involved. Through a secure cloud solution, everybody involved can see and access the as built information, communicate and collaborate. Rich information can be uploaded straight from site. The information manager or consultant can mandate and manage best practices, monitor and audit compliance with both regulatory standards and project controls and set up the workflows and custom forms required to ensure the project moves forward smoothly with accountability.

Sitedesk was built to help enable BIM control, coordination and compliance from the start, so you can concentrate on bringing your expertise and insight to the project instead of worrying about information management logistics.

  • Maintain complete visibility
  • Complies with CESG/PAS1192-5 requirements for data security
  • Manage BIM & other regulatory compliance
  • Identify and manage risks earlier
  • Replace paper-based processes
  • Automated contemporaneous notes
  • Deliver your services digitally
  • Establish document and flow control
  • Deliver digital project controls
  • Simple information validation
  • Manage processes & workflows
  • Create collaborative value chain
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