Sitedesk is a hosted construction software solution to help you connect and control all your construction and BIM project data and documentation.

Sitedesk allows all members of a project team to minimise risk and maximise returns throughout the design, construction and the operation of an asset.

Equally powerful in the field or in the office, it delivers near real-time visibility and enhanced project control through its ability to deliver and capture the latest project information, critical data sets and workflows that are essential for effective construction and ongoing operation of an asset.

Powerful yet simple to use, Sitedesk is a secure app that enables the full utilisation of 3D models, 2D documents and previously disconnected data allowing users to be more effective and efficient whilst delivering all phases of the asset lifecycle.

Best of all, Sitedesk will run on standard specification computing equipment – office or field, online or offline.

  • Secure user access for ANYone, working ANYwhere, to engage, explore and interact with big 3D models
  • Add, validate, control and connect content and media in ANY format
  • Easily view and visualise your entire programme via an integrated dashboard
  • Intelligent data synchronisation ensures that all team members are working with the latest version of documents
  • Quickly capture and attach ANY as-built data, document or content to ANYwhere on your 3D model
  • Build a COBie-compliant asset management database automatically for faster, smoother handover and a seamless transition into asset operation
  • Secure hosted solution — no servers, infrastructure or storage to maintain by in-house IT, and no need to worry about software updates or information security
  • Flexible pricing structure allows you to expand your software licensing as needed
  • Runs on standard specification IT equipment – at the office or in the field
  • Export your O&M manual with a single click

Technical Benefits

View and interact with 3D content and reduce information overload.

User Features

Powerful search features and 3D tools for offline and online use.


Handle workflow and management with digital forms.

Document Management

Secure, version controlled documents and digital forms.

Sitedesk helps you organise and manage your 2D drawings, 3D models, office documents, approval forms and more, as well as providing central viewing capability. Your information is all available within a single environment, and accessed from any device — even in the field when signals are undependable.

  • It provides a fast, flexible, uncluttered and easy-to-use construction collaboration and working environment for anyone involved in specifying, designing, planning, constructing, delivering, managing or maintaining a building or engineering project – whether your need is BIM project management or driving a traditional design and build.
  • Sitedesk also operates as a unified data environment within which to manage operational, project and asset data throughout a building project. It forms a rich asset management or O&M database that can be easily transferred to a future building owner or operator, and to provide FM service providers with information that can seamlessly integrated via the BIM COBie schema with existing CAFM and asset management solutions.

This multi-faceted construction software tool can eliminate the need to maintain and support separate project, operational and asset data environments, as well as replacing the need for separate field BIM and construction collaboration applications.

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