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Owner, Operator & FM

Key to successful portfolio management are minimising risks and keeping full lifespan costs under control. Stacks of dusty O&M manuals and filing cabinets of plans make information hard to find. Information that is hard to find gets ignored – leading to expensive mistakes, increased costs, lower asset utilisation and invalidated insurance.

Sitedesk allows you to extract the maximum value from your BIM information. Simple for everyone to use, it helps your contractors and consultants capture every aspect of the asset during the construction process, bringing together all maintenance information and schedules, service documentation, 2D plans and information and 3D models into a comprehensive, fully linked asset database for asset information management. Once the asset is handed over, Sitedesk can be used to optimise retention management and soft landings processes. It can be continually deployed to minimise your costs over the lifetime of the asset by acting as a “lite” FM system, removing the need for additional expenditure on a separate FM solution.

However, if you do choose to leave Sitedesk, all of your information can easily be exported in a COBie compliant format, for use in other CAFM solutions.

Sitedesk allows FM and maintenance service providers to employ mobile technologies to operate as efficiently as possible. Staff have full access to centralised documentation, forms, schedules, rich information and visuals as well as clear information on the exact location of equipment, systems and access panels all of which help maximise operational efficiencies and minimise costs by ensuring that services are delivered ‘right first time’. Issues with items or services not covered by warranties or service agreements can be communicated to clients or service providers digitally, minimising additional costs. Best of all of this can be achieved using only standard IT equipment.

Digital O&M manuals

Complies with CESG/PAS1192-5 requirements for data security

Replace legacy paper-based processes

Optimised retention management

Avoid expensive rework

Asset Information Management

Manage lifetime costs whilst minimising risks

Mobile access to maintenance & service data

Seamless CAFM integration