User benefits

Sitedesk is a highly flexible software solution that can deliver business benefits and outcomes to a wide range of user types. It drives benefits including:

  • Better project outcomes and whole-life cost reduction
  • Faster problem-solving with information at your fingertips
  • Better, faster and more informed decisions
  • Costs, conflict and risk reduction through increased clarity and easier collaboration
  • Timely and transparent two-way communication
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • 3D progress briefings
  • BIM management

For local authorities, property developers, estate owners and infrastructure authorities…

For client organizations, in both the public and private sectors, Sitedesk delivers unparalleled visibility of project progress:

  • Maintain a real view of what is happening as a complex project develops
  • See and reduce business risk – and avoid surprises
  • Understand and control your building assets at a deeper level than ever before
  • Integrate BIM into construction/infrastructure development and engineering procurement

For construction and engineering contractors…

Sitedesk provides contractors with a unified environment that enables clearer oversight and better communication with clients, subcontractors and the supply chain:

  • Engage and involve wider teams to support BIM
  • Secure efficiency benefits and greater accountability through teams
  • Illustrate projects at any stage through a unified view
  • Share information easily with third parties
  • Create complete progress audit trails to protect against D&D claims
  • Site planning
  • On-site change communication
  • Tender support
  • BIM education
  • BIM compliance
  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Quality management
  • Contract Management
  • Project handover
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Digital Health & Safety Manual
  • FM management
  • Asset Information Management

For facility managers, building owners and operators…

Sitedesk delivers an unparalleled level of information through which to transform relationships and service value, drive efficiencies and maintain asset information:

  • Enhance FM service quality and speed of response
  • Complement specialist FM asset management platforms with a document/workflow management layer

For information managers, project managers and site managers…

Sitedesk provides a simple, intuitive, familiar desktop to view, create and manage documents, processes and approvals:

  • Ease of information capture, access, management
  • Enable collaboration and communication within and between teams
  • Unlock true participation and engagement in BIM and better working practices
  • Site diaries
  • Change communication
  • Subcontractor briefings
  • Document and workflow automation
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