Workflow & Management Features

  • User identity and access management tools and complexity filters to control what each user sees or may edit.
  • Task creator – create, assign and manage tasks by team and individual. Create and manage but hide access to employee folders.
  • Library function allows you to build any folder structure you require and assign specific user access rights.
  • Tag specific groups of user or data to enable you to quickly find information (e.g. contractor, type of information).
  • Set up live push updates to team members. Workflow creator: map detailed workflows with key sign-off steps and drag/drop them into any order, and set up time controls.
  • Digital form creator features:
    • Create forms to support workflows, quality assurance, H&S compliance and more.
    • Filled data drops directly into the project database.
    • Drag-and-drop form fields including text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, multiple choice buttons in any order.
    • Embed logos, images, videos, PDFs directly into forms.
    • Attach forms to elements, space, or to hold groups of information together.
    • Preview form during creation.
    • Create and clone template forms for use on future projects or as base for form variants.
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