Who are we and how will we help you understand your space digitally

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What do we offer?

We understand that embarking on a digital journey can be complex and confusing. The Sitedesk team is here to help you on that journey. We enable you and your team to interact easily and intuitively with your digital world. Sitedesk makes use of the latest advances in technology to provide cost effective 3D reality capture such as 360 degree imagery and LiDar via both phones and tablets. Sitedesk’s unique approach allows people from all walks of life with many varied requirements to easily engage and interact with their digital spaces.

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How do we do it?

Sitedesk is a browser-based, zero installation software solution that allows users to interact with their world and capture vital data easily and efficiently. Our approach is to simplify all the stages of data capture and usage so that there are no hurdles to the deployment and ongoing benefits of using 3D environments. Sitedesk allows access from virtually anywhere so that users can conveniently capture their data at source to provide greater ongoing accuracy.

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Collaboration & Evolution

We know that space management, data capture, and the subsequent management and usage of data can involve more than one software solution. Sitedesk has been designed to allow easy and comprehensive integration with other systems and by working with customers Sitedesk has already integrated with systems such as IBM’s Maximo, Mobility Work and others. Sitedesk is also a partner in the SRO Innovation SEAMS ecosystem.

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