For deployments across large user bases and multiple spaces

Designed for estate management usage for multiple space & data management requirements

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Tailored to scale up your digital adoption for large estate demands

  • Enterprise accounts include preset maximum user subscriptions to distribute to stakeholders involved in space management. 
  • Upgrade your account as more stakeholders become active in your space.
  • Unlimited project deployments to allow you to capture as much as you need to manage your environment.
  • Include 3rd party integrations such as Computer Aided Facility Management system, Internet of Things sensor and more.
  • Tailor access to all Stakeholders engaged in the space in a way that works for you.

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Multiple 3D model options

Bring in your 3D or 2D details from Data Rich Models from Building Modelling platforms like Revit to simple capture techniques using mobile phones.

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Online Document Management

Upload images, documents and links to then associate to your 3D space.

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Capture & Pin

Pin your 3D space and add data needed to manage your real world efficiently.

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3D Model interaction

Interrogate your 3D model with simple tools such as measurements, Views, Tours & Sectioning

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3rd Party Integrations

Start developing your space into the territory of Digital Twins with integrations such as IoT, CAFM, BMS and more.

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Create tasks to help you keep on top of important dates and data capture.

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Estate Management

  • Capture your Estate using a flying drone or insert image map of the site.
  • Pin estate locations of buildings with key maintenance or asset management requirements and add link to the project of the whole building.
  • Pin site wide components of assets such as trees, access items, CCTV positions, etc and add key data, document and links.
  • 360 photogrammetry capture through Matterport or LiDAR scan and convert buildings to add to new project to link to main site project.

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Nationwide Asset Management

  • Create groups for different locations or asset management strategies such as Hard/Soft FM.
  • Assign Project Group owners to manage these groups delegating down control to key individuals.
  • Account Admin or Project Group Admin can then create projects, templates and assign users. 
  • Invite multiple users across all groups with differing levels of access per project as required.

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Digital Twin Interface

  • Either at the beginning or progressively, build up your space with all available digital data to allow an interface to your Digital Twin.
  • Hook up IoT sensor information directly to the asset in your space to see real time readings.
  • Integrate your CAFM/CMMS platform to see work orders and ongoing maintenance tasks and associated asset data.
  • Tie in your CDE directly to relevant documentation upon project delivery.
  • Link up to your analytics platform to see where readings are associated too.
  • Have your space react to real time data such as producing 3D heat maps.
  • As time goes on, more and more interfaces will become available ready to be integrated to meet your speed of Digital Evolution.

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