You don’t need to pay straight away to start using Sitedesk.

Sign up for a 28 day free trial using the button at the top of the page.

During your trial period you will start to understand how much digital space you might need for all your information and the type of user interaction you may want to understand the costs.

*Please note that all costs stated on the platform do not include VAT*

Project Size and Lifespan

After your trial or if you wish to transfer a project with lifespan costs to another user you will need to select a Maximum project size and timescale of either 1, 2 or 5 years from the options below

*mb = Megabytes, gb = Gigabytes*

For projects requiring more space then 32gb, you will need to go on to our Enterprise billing account option.

Role Templates

Pay As You Go billing account owners get free reign over a project with an active lifespan and space, however additional users require additional costs billed on a monthly basis allowing short term and ongoing project control.

Each Additional user on a project = £6.00 (£5.00 exc VAT) per month

Instead of having a single cost per user, we allow you to create Role Templates that can be assigned to a user letting you choose how they interact with your project!

Role Templates are associated to each Project Group you may have and then you are charged for any user on a single project that has the Role Template assigned.

When you no longer what the user to have access to the project, simply switch them to the default No Access Role Template.

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